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School Smarts is service first.
School Smarts is innovation, impact and sustainability.
School Smarts is the solution.
School Smarts is NOT just schools!

No matter what problem or barrier you find your school or organization trying to overcome, School Smarts can help you achieve your goals.

Why School Smarts?

Solutions are never easy and customized service is all too often very hard to find. School Smarts was born out of the idea that schools, organizations and communities deserve access to a continuum of services that meet their specific needs, and assist them in their practices in sustainable and innovative ways.  With more than 25-plus years in expertise in school, non-profit and communications experience, School Smarts founders and staff are experienced in leading and implementing change, and assisting teams in the development of plans to maximize impact and sustain potential areas of growth.

School Smarts works not just with systems, but with community at all levels. From parents and students seeking solutions on how to select a school that fits their needs to helping schools find the facilities and communities that match their program offerings, School Smarts facilitates opportunities and results.

School Smarts provides organizational consulting services to schools, school boards, school leaders, districts and school management companies.

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School Smarts supports students and parents as you navigate through the myriad of choices and opportunities within the educational system.

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Contact us to have a School Smarts consultant speak at one of your upcoming events as a keynote and/or session speaker.

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A few of our recent partners


Examples of projects we have taken on:

  • Developed and executed leadership program for school leaders that included aspects of organizational, personal and instructional leadership. All participants travelled around the US to visit a diverse set of high performing schools.
  • Developed and executed leadership program for aspiring leaders that included aspects of organizational, personal and instructional leadership. All participants travelled around the US to visit a diverse set of high performing schools. Over 80{7e24b24a93dbe66dc2c742584a8f733aae87414a9b08a6b5a3e7bc82b563047d} of participants now hold some sort of school leadership position!
  • Designed comprehensive professional development programs for 20+ schools that included embedded activities, tailored to meet school needs in the areas of customer service, building relational capacity with students and improving school culture.
  • Worked with several educational service providers to refine organizational structures, improve processes and enhance human capital and talent management
  • Supported large, national educational organization in recruiting key positions within Michigan
  • Provide professional development in cultural competency to teachers and school staff
  • Provide leadership coaching and support to school leaders
  • Facilitate strategic planning processes with school boards and organizations
  • Develop a comprehensive admission and marketing plan for schools
  • Support new school start up
  • Provide transitional support services for schools undergoing leadership and operational changes
  • Coach parents and students through school choice
  • Coach parents and students through the college search and application process


” Are you looking to be a better leader, move your school or organization to the next level? Look no further than School Smarts! Rajeshri has a depth and breadth of experiences that lend itself to her innovative approach to developing leaders and school turnaround. I have had the direct pleasure of benefiting from Rajeshri’s consulting services. She is highly skilled in evoking deep thinking and planning to facilitate change. I highly recommend her services! ”

Dr. Ticheal JonesSuperintendentAmerican Montessori Academy

“I approached Rajeshri to help me think through different school options for my child in elementary school. The choices we had were all extremely strong, but each school had a different focus, culture, and offered different things. Rajeshri had a lot to offer when it came to educational guidance. She spent the time to understand my child, and what I valued as a parent. Through guided unbiased discussion, she helped me determine the things to think about to make the best decision possible. I would definitely seek her guidance again in the future for my child’s educational needs.”

A Grateful Parent

Meet our Team

Rajeshri Gandhi Bhatia, Founder

Maria Montoya, Associate

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